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I'm not sure if this is a stupid question so please bare with me!:confused:

If you are printing just icons & text on to t-shirts, do you need a printer? Or could you do this with just a cutter?

Thank you
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If just basic Icon's and text , cutter is fine. With some experience you could do more detail and even two and three colors by layering the vinyl ....just remember you will have to weed the vinyl so the more intricate the design is , the harder it will be to weed . I hope this helps answer your question?
Thank you very much :)
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Get both.

They compliment each other and are not that expensive.

Cameo + Epson Workforce with scanner

You can cut Vinyl, and print full color logos, then cut them on the cameo.

Great combination and as long as you have a heat press both work on their own to start.
I don't see where it says which printer. It does say sublimation. Do you intend to do sublimation or pigment ink printed transfers? That package includes sign vinyl, not tee shirt/fabric vinyl. A no-brand Chinese heat press. Is there a warranty and do they provide product support? My old Macintosh doesn't display their webpage properly, am I seeing a price of 2,000 pounds? If so I think I'd spend a little more time here before placing my order.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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