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Printer, Paper & Ink for 100% Poly Dark T-shirts

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Hi Guys, I'm starting this new adventure of t-shirt business and I read a lot about the experiences of all of you guys but I'm trying to be more sharp in the buying decision of printer, kind of paper and ink for a black or kind of dark 100% poly t-shirts
Somebody can help me?
Thanks in advance
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Well at least you can rule out standard sublimation.

You can use systems such as the OK I white etc. which lay down a white toner underbase, but is quite expensive, or you can try special papers such as Jet-Opaque, but I've never achieved good washable results with these.

For dark shirts, without laying out a fortune in equipment, I'd stick to htv or plastisol transfers.
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i agree with webtrekker,
if it is under 4 colors then vinyl, unless it would be too time-consuming to weed
over 4 colors then plastisol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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