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Printer moves to back of transporter at night

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I'm having an issue with my NeoFlex. Sometime, not always, during the night the printer will move to the back of the bed. When I come in in the morning, the transporter will say that it is in print mode or will still be counting down to auto cleans. Either way, no cleans are happening when the printer isn't at the HOME position.

Has anyone else had this issue? When I've called the TIGERS, repeatedly I'm told that I am doing something wrong, but no one can tell me what it is or give me a solution.

It's really annoying that I've been working so hard to understand this printer and I can't do anything with it because I have white ink completely settled in my lines and clogged nozzles and sometimes full channels.

Any advice on how to make this stop would be greatly appreciated.
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that is strange. i keep my printer in the back of the bed, and it still does all the auto-maintenance. i wonder if the newer printers do something different?

maybe try unplugging the usb cable when you are done for the day in case data is getting transmitted somehow. i don't know how data would get sent, but this would at least eliminate a computer issue.
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Agree with Sean. Had this problem before... turn off your computer at night or unplug from Neoflex... Shouldnt happen anymore after that.
I'll try this tonight! Thank you, Sean and Don!
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