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printer joceky??

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I am the new owner of a texjet DTG machine, teething problems at first to say the least, which is frustrating, because i know the potential of this machine but cant find it as of yet...

Anyways, after reading a few of these posts, i have come across something called printer jockey, does anyone use this? have any info on it? and know where i can get it? their site seems to be down and wondering if they still exist?

thanks in advance.
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Hi jgabby,

Thanks for your reply, would seem they are still going then? any good?

The problem iv got atm is my red is not coming through at all on nozzle checks, done a ferw mini cleans and dint want to power clean the system as it uses sooo much ink, especially if that wont even fix the problem. I think its a nozzle clog, and printer jockey seemed decent as you can flush one colour line...

The link you sent doesnt go anywhere?

Strange, I never had clog a single time with my CMYK channel.

The problem could be elsewhere.

How old is your machine ?
Machine is 3/4 years old... was stood for a while, i have printed from it though, left it 2 days and coming back to it, the red as i say is non existent. Might just need to do a power clean but reluctant if that's not the problem...

Regarding the printer jockey, would you recommend? and how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking? Cant get on the site for some reason or use the link you sent...

There will be a lot of things i need to learn, including Photoshop in creating a mask...did my first dark tshirt the other day, white was awful, the black was showing through the whole thing...Could be how i pre treat, guess its technique i need to learn...Any tips would be great jgabby?

If it has not been made, I would do a major printer cleaning and some parts exchange, head flushindg and so on...

Did you get the printer used ?

I print all day so I barely use printerjockey. I payed $ 40 for it

Where I u based ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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