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Printer is stuck on boot with white screen, was off for over a year

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I have an MP10 that had the "i" upgrade performed on it. We ended up rarely using the machine, so we loaded the lines with the cleaning solution and it's sat unused for over a year.

We are trying to get it up and running, but running into an issue. I initially had a white screen the first time I turned it on, but I was able to unplug and replug and able to get it running. I attempted to do a firmware update, and when it rebooted, it was stuck with the white screen and nothing is booting.

I called anajet/ricoh and they told me it was probably the main board, which would cost $1700 to replace.

I want to know if anyone has had a similar issue, or if anyone can tell me which board is the "main board" so I can see if I can verify if it is actually what it is.
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did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have the same issue with my MP5i which has also been off for about a year. I only get a white screen, nothing else. After a few turn on/off combo's the fan in the power supply seems to be picking up speed, but nothing else is happening.
hey hows it going im having same issue did you figure it out

Not yet! I also think I have a blocked print head so this could be the end of our printer. I think it must be some kind of board issue as although the power supply sounds a bit more healthy now, I still can't get past the white screen.
Has anyone gotten anywhere with this issue? I'm adding myself to the list of people who found themselves at this dead end.
Our company is dedicated to the repair of these printers call our phone number and we can guide you step by step for the solution of your equipment.
if you live in florida then we serve you in the place of the printer
my phone is seven eight six six two six six five five zero
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