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For the last few weeks I have been monitoring ink loss while the printer sits overnight or idle for long periods.

I have come up with some fairly consistent data, but no real answers from Anajet tech support. I asked what was considered "normal" ink loss, in grams, and they are checking on the answer.

I created a log sheet for all to download. Maybe between a few of us we can share data collected and determine norms and or causes. Warning, you may be very suprized at the results when you start weighing and collecting the numbers. Or maybe its just my printer, hopefully this will determine that.

I have attached a PDF and PNG format. I would print and keep by the printer, and you will need a gram scale to weigh the carts as well. I try to keep the time between readings consistent. Like every morning around 8 am I weight them, if I weight again the same day I make a note.

From this sheet you can determine waste ink when printer is idle, do a little math and you get cost per gram, loss per day, per cart, and what the loss is costing you.

Let me know your thoughts, if the doc is missing something let me know I can change it.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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