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Printer for Film Positives wich recommend fron this 2 options?

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In you opinion wich of these 2 printers will print darker film positives,Epson Stylues Photo 1430w or Epson Stylus Office T1110,

I was using HP deskjet 9800, but it is discontinued, so I have to buy a new one, anyone has used one of these printer or another one in that price range?
Thank you.
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The 1430 is one of the best film printers available. Especially when printing halftones.
Thanks Sben, so this one prints very dark on film? with it´s original ink?
This may be a dumb question but would I need rip software with the 1430?
Davy, I think that will inkjets you always will need a rip software if you want to print halftones, I use ghotscript.
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