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Printer does not power on anymore

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so our oldest fast t-jet 2 does not power on anymore. it was working fine and we powered it down like we've been doing for 4 years. next day, it does not power on anymore. no green light, no nothing - just seems dead.

the laser sensor light is still lit, though.

here's what we did:
> checked the ribbon cable
> replaced ribbon/head cable with new one
> replaced glass fuse (although it did not seem to be broken
> replaced transformer with an older one we replaced after we imported the printer from the us to europe

none of these measures helped bring the printer back to life.

any other suggestions we could try?

please help! :)

thank you!
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the laser sensor light is still lit, though.
This is powered by another motherboard in the printer.

Have you checked your power supply?
the power chord goes straight into the transformer i mentioned. i am not sure if this is the problem. i replaced it with an older one we switched out. not 100% sure this is working as well... how can i find out if the transformer is the problem? i am not an electrician!
Neither am I, but when it comes to a DTG printer you become all sorts of trades

-Graphic Designer

Take a volt meter and test the power supply.

There is also another set of folded ribbon cables (they are identical to the printhead cables) do not remove them just look at the ends.
i have a voltmeter - but how do i use it?!?!
HI I have this problem too. Check out my post on seperate problems or related. I don't know if you have the blue thing that is on my motherboard (in photo)- my last one did not have it , but when I mess around with that my machine powers up and prints again.
any1 else have some suggestions on what to do to bring the printer back?

i have tried everything i learned over the past 5 yrs with this printer model....

it has gotta be either the board or the transformer....
hello, i have t-jet 2 ..i have this problem..the green power don't turn on..the machine has power..
i all ready changed the switch ..new.. i send the motherboard to check it ..it's good ...the fuses...ok
check the all ribon cables..ok do you have any idea could be...?need help...thanks
Did anyone figure it out? I have the same problem. I was running nozzle checks than turned it off. When I turned it back on nothing happened no light no movement. Only thing on Is a lazer
if you find out what it is post here!!!
Might be easier to change out the entire printer assembly since the main board has been checked and all is good isn't many parts left
Check ribbon cable where it plugs into the print head. If it as any ink or debris clean it and reset the ribbon. You should be good.
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