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Hi all,

I replaced 2 cartridges that I purchased online, I filled them properly but as soon as I start the printer I get red light on both Black and Grey with the new cartridges.

I checked the pins they are same as old ones. So I thought that maybe those cartridges are defect. I took one of the cartridges that I use for cleaning, I put the plugs so I can connect them to the Bulk ink station, but I get the same red light on the color.

At the end I decided to roll back the old cartridges and they worked fine. So now I'm confused what might be wrong here.

What can be the difference between the new cartridges, the cleaning cartridges and the old ones?
They all have same pins, same color code at the top. I just add the plastic plugs to connect them to the bulk ink system.

Any advise would be really appreciated.

Also if you can please advise where can I buy good cartridges. I purchased the printer from EZ, they assured me that they will have spare parts for long time, but they ignore my emails.

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