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Printer assistance

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Can anybody help??
I have a standard canon inkjet printer at home which I have been using to print a full coloured A4 image onto vinyl transfer paper, as I was advised this was the best way to go.
Now the problem is, I put new ink cartridges into the printer and was only able to print off about 10 sheets before it emptied out my cartridges. The cartridges cost me about £25 or $35. Now this works out to be about £2.50 per sheet which is very expensive!!!! I was advised to leave the print settings at standard which I assume would be slightly more economical on the ink but in standard settings I get lots of lines on the print finish, so to avoid this I have to print in High quality mode.
Also if I need to print off 100 copies of this graphic, it will take forever as I will be having to change the ink cartridges every 10 prints!
My other alternative is too have my local t shirt printing business print off 100 for me at £1.75 per sheet, I am sure they are not changing the ink cartridges every 10 prints.
Can someone advise me on what I can do to my current printer or advise me on a new printer that will be quick at the job and also turn out 100 copies with no problem!


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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