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printer advice

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Hi guys:
I'm looking for my first printer for films, I was thinking in the Epson 1400, but now it's discontinued. They offer instead the 1430, I'm open ears to your opinions. Also, it's necessary to change all of the cartridges to black ink?

Thanks in advance for sharing.
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The Epson Workforce 1100 works well for me. The Epson will use some of all colors when printing film. There is an all black setting but the print is less dense. There is no need to put black in all cartridges. God Bless.
The 1100 or 1400 will do fine. Although the 1100 uses pigment ink and dye ink is the preferred ink for films. If you can dedicate a printer to films it best. Using refillable cartridges or with blackmaxx or other ink specifically formulated for films. I always say take out as much error and frustration as possible. Your films are very important and this is one place not messing around.
I have an Epson 1400 that I use. It is an all black system. I use pigmented ink from Cobra Ink and it prints out great transparencies. I also use AccuRip program when I print out the transparencies. In the AccRip program you can adjust the output of the ink so you get a opaque black color.:D
I just saw the 1430 at Staples a few weeks ago. It's basically the same as the 1400 they just moved the buttons to the top instead of the side panel. I would go for it. It prints finer dots than the 1100. But, 1100 is cheaper like almost $100 bucks and it is compatible Accurip and BlackMax inks.
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