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I have a problem with colors coming out differently on paper than they look on screen. Now I know that it will never be exactly the same, but I have played enough with ICC Profiles, etc. to know that I can get pretty close to the screen image.

So I received an image from a customer and through trial and error and applying an ICC Profile finally arrived at settings that I could live with. The colors printed out really close to the screen image and I thought: Great, I got it all figured out - until I got another image from a different customer. So the settings that worked great on the image from customer1 didn't work at all for the image from customer2.

Now I have chatted with someone who has been in the printing biz for over 15 years and he tells me that trial and error is the only way he knows how to get colors to print similar to the onscreen image. For every image he said that he prints it over and over until he find the settings that the image prints out best with.

Is that true? Is trial and error the only way here or am I missing an easy solution to this problem?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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