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Currently doing vinyl transfers on T-shirts. Want to print my own transfers using Laser or inkjet. Best printer and paper?
Since you are doing vinyl Siser has Ecosolvent printable products. One is for light and the others are opaque for dark. They have to be contour cut like vinyl to weed out the excess. As you know vinyl is durable. It is something you might look into. I don't own Ecosolvent printer but I thought I would mention it.

Siser Crystal is for light and has matte finish. Colorprint series are opaque for dark. Request for sample.

Visit http://www.siser.com/digital-printing/crystal/. Read about it and watch video.


There is no self weeding inkjet heat transfer for light or dark. JPSS is for light that has minimal polymer window but it will show on pastel. Inkjet opaque for dark transfer needs to be contour cut and not as durable as vinyl.

There is sublimation inkjet which has no polymer window, vibrant, soft and permanent but only works for light color and high polyester content fabric. Unless you use contour cut polyester or flock opaque under base on dark fabric.

Joto sells laser CL Premium II opaque which has to be contour cut like 3g opaque.

For laser I highly recommend two step self weeding Imageclip Laser for light. It is truly self weeding, vibrant, durable and has softhand. I don't recommend single step self weeding laser transfer for lights.

The photo below was transferred with Imageclip laser light. Click to enlarge.

There are Neenah self weeding transfer for dark. ImageClip Laser Dark for full color image including white which requires CMYW laser color printer or CMYK plus interchangeable K toner/drum set filled with white toner. Koncert T is self weeding white opaque for dark shirts which only requires monochrome toner.

The photo below was transferred with Imageclip Laser dark.

The image below was transferred with Koncert T. The image was rasterized and it does not crack after several washes.

You can also mix inkjet pigment or sublimation and white laser toner using Imageclip Laser dark.

The photo below was printed with dye ink on Imageclip Laser Dark B sheet. Married it to white laser toner printed A sheet to weed out excess opaque.

The photo below was done with sublimation inkjet ink, white laser toner and Imageclip Laser Dark.

Forever Laser Dark Nocut Low Temp is two step self weeding for dark with full color image including white but it requires CMYW printer. Forever Flex soft are two step self weeding spot color, foil, glitter, neon and flock. It only requires monochrome toner. I had no luck using Nocut and white flex soft.

I don't use inkjet printer anymore because I lost and tossed all 5 inkjet printers due to clogging. In spite of have them scheduled to print every 3 days to prevent the nozzles from drying eventually one at a time clogged beyond recovery.

I am not telling you not to go with inkjet printer. I am just saying what I have been through.

Popular letter size color CMYK laser printer is C610 series. For tabloid is C831N or DN series. The TS version cost more than the N or DN versions. CMYW C711WT is letter size, Procolor 920WT and C8432WT are Tabloid sizes. All CMYW printers are very pricey. Not to mention the consumables. I use an obsolete letter size C5200Ne and interchangeable K toner/drum set filled with white toner.

Now what ever system you are going for I suggest for you to get samples before committing a lot of money. Some vendor will give away free sample or sell sample quantity pre-printed or blank transfers. Test them for ease of use, quality and durability. Put it to heavy wash condition and see if durability meets your expectation.

Good luck.
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