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Print sink into garment after heat press curing

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Hello I'm newbie
My printing on dark t-shirt like picture attached, before curing It's very light and white ink look very strong, but after heat press ( on the left) 90s and 165 oC, all seem too terrible, color look like sink into garment
How can I improve the situation ? why this happen and solution
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cannot find way to upload picture directly ?
1. You don't have enough posts yet to be allowed to link directly.

2. It would work better using
as your tags. But I just tried that and your image is MUCH too large. So I used the tags. Here ya go. [url]https://s...=f9ae0585ae93fa350941c2d35c485dd1&oe=5BCF8A20
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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