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Print Quality / Print Head issues

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Apologies in advance if this post is a bit scattered. I've posted on here a few times regarding some print quality issues I've been having and usually just get the "call a tech" response. Hoping this time I can maybe find someone who has been in a similar situation that could help. Printer has just about exactly 42k prints on it, and over about the last 3 months we've had a ton of issues. We've already replaced two of the white heads, and the magenta head (about 6 months ago) and now I'm having issues w/ Cyan and now yellow as well. During routine nozzle / head tests my cyan was barely covering at all, there were many lines in the test print and it was covering at maybe 50%. I spoke with a tech he directed me to replace the wiper blade on the CMYK side, as we were overdue for a replacement. Replaced the wiper blade and it didn't change much of anything. Now I am missing several sections on my yellow. After speaking with a tech they are recommending both heads being replaced. I fully understand the fact that there are MANY factors that can effect how long print heads last. Attached is my most recent nozzle check. Wondering if anybody can help point me in any sort of direction. I appreciate all your guys help!!


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