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Print Fades out during print

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Turned on the printer this morning and green fades to blue, I have done a number of powerfull cleans on the heads and yellow head particular. While it has brought back green, it is only at the top of the print and the print we are working on is 23 inches long by 10 inches wide with a green border. I have a call to Brother, but their times to respond on the tech lines is terrible.
Anyone have any other suggestions? tried standing on one leg, patted head and faced east while cursing. Didn't work,
have ordered a print head for the yellow, but after one year and another head this is getting very expensive to offer this service.
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Brother called me (only 2hr wait-much improvement over past wait times)
Going thru multiple things with Brother tech, it appears that the yellow ink supply tube is kinked, so replacements have been ordered, when I have it torn apart I will examine and replace all if needed,
will post if this cures the problem late tomorrow.
Replaced yellow tube and yellow head, and now printing good again. On talking with Brother tech suggested that if not doing T shirts daily to do the head clean and then print full test pattern, that way enough ink goes thru the head to keep it working (we hope). The black tubes around the ink tubes are kinked so I am going to call Brother Monday and order those to replace. This seems to be a weak point in this system. Took me 2 hours to disassemble, replace the yellow tube, and yellow head and re assemble,
now that I know what to do expect it to take an hour next time or less.
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