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Print Cracking

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Hi all,
Can someone please assist, why are some of my prints cracking and splitting on 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester hoodies? They look good on the screen and through the oven but after a couple of washers the print starts to crack.

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Cracked ink is usually an indication of under curing. Have you used a temperature gun on the ink as it's leaving the dryer to see how how it got?
As previously posted, cracking after washing is almost always under cure. It is important to know what your entire ink film is reaching as it passes through your dryer. You have to make sure that the entire ink film reaches the recommended cure temperature. The best option to measure the temperature is a thermo-probe. There is a donut with cross wires and you place it in the ink film. This will give the most accurate reading of the temperature that the ink film is reaching.

Good Luck!

The other posters are correct. Undercured ink! The other part of the problem is that when your doing sweats you need to slow the belt down or run the sweat through a couple of times to make sure it gets cured. The fabric is absorbing the heat and the ink is not getting up to temp. We run our sweats through one time before we print so there is no shrinking on the press and then we run them through twice after printing. It takes more time but a $15 hoodie is expensive to replace.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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