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print a red outline around black words

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I am doing a 2 color - my words are black and want to do a red outline, but when I screen print the red outline......no all of it is showing....screen registration marks are lined up.....should I made my words smaller during the design? I kept everything the same font size and printed solid words on one shee to of mylar and then printed the outlined on another of sheet of mylar and then burned onto screen.
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I usually just add strokes to the color that will be the outline.
when you say
my words are black and want to do a red outline, but when I screen print the red outline......no all of it is showing....
do you mean that not all the ink is printing thru the screen?

I acutally went back and made my red outlines thicker, but now for some reason when I screen print onto the t-shirt I am getting a build up of ink on the screen inbetween the screen and shirt. It comes out thick only on my far outsides! I thought maybe my screen had to much play so I have adjusted it closer to the palet....I did notice if I push the ink from top where I stand back - it will push the ink out more....so instead I have been pulling the ink towards me so It does it like every 3rd or 4th shirt...and then I have to stop and clean the screen on the tshirt side and start over again.....I am going crazy here!
OK - now I am frustrated, this is my first 2 color shirt....I guess I don't have the technique down......is there a company out there that if I send the design to, they can print these for me?
Don't press too hard on the screen, have you tried the push stroke?
You only need to place the ink on the surface of the shirt.
yes, we have tried the push and pull stroke, we are definitely over our heads for this one......I was still trying to master a the technique with a 1 color.....so if anyone knows of a reputable company that I could forward the artwork too and get a price on having it subbed out, that would be great!
hello saleen.,

are you flashing the ink between colors? what is happening is when you print the first color then try to print the second color the first color isnt dry so it is offsetting on the bottom of the screen...are you using plastisol inks? try to flash the first color for 5 - 7 seconds to get the ink to gel...not cure but rather dry to the touch...the ink should be tacky but not rub of on your finger...then print the second ink....

Sounds like too much off contact to me...
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Doesn't anyone know the printing theory of printing lightest colors to darkest? Adjust artwork for the screens accordingly to get the desired effect.
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