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I am new(er) to DTG, I was trained in at my shop roughly 2 months ago now. The person who trained me in is no longer with us, so it's been up to me to handle 100% of the printing as of late. I was wondering if anybody could PM me their pricing guide or post it on here, so I could be pricing things a bit more appropriately. Also, my next question is, lately I have noticed there is a bit of dried white ink on my cartridges, as well as in the slot they sit in. However, today during my white tube cleaning, when prompted to put in the filter cartridge, I pulled it out of its slot below the active cartridges, and white ink came pouring off the filter cartridge, and the bay they sit in. What could be causing this? I'm not sure if its related or not, but when I came in this morning my white tubes were fairly empty, they were only about 50% full (normally they are full of white ink prior to the cleaning on Mondays) Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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