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Pricing stubby holders

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Just wondering about average prices for stubby holders. I'll probably be doing one offs as well as bulk but no idea what to charge. Also assembling and printing myself

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I use to do them from around $7 each (flat rate,min 10). I wouldn't do anymore that 30 after i did a job for 120...The assembly is ridiculous .Most online stubby companies won't do anthing under 30-50 so i'd mark them up and target that area? If you don't have the equipment you just can't compete. You should really work out your hourly shop rate to see if you can justify doing them (no use spending 3 hrs assembling stubbies if your shop rate is double that)..Don't mean to discourage you,that just my own experiance :)
I'm looking at doing the fold flat stubby holders with heat transfer logos (not the dye-sub type). I'm trying to hit a wholesale price under $2 per unit. any advice?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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