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Pricing on Cafepress

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I have a new cafepress shop and no one's buying anything. I'm not sure if my prices are too high or if it's just my designs. If any of you have a cafepress shop, how much do you price above the bace price?
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i think you might get some better feedback on the CP forums. there have been plenty of prior discussions in those forums about pricing.
Ive set my prices to premium on the suggestions of many here and because of reading other forums. I havent sold anything yet either. I am half way thru my 15 day trial of my first premium shop. Im getting visitors, just no sales yet.
I have had 499 unique visitors in 9 days. Others have told me my designs are good, so Im just plugging away and waiting to see what happens!
An advice from a designer: 'make your texts stand out, make it more visible cause people will never stop to see what the text on a t-shirt will say, you will get only a glimpse'.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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