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Pricing - low, medium, high

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Hey Guys,
This has been one of the toughest points of the whole process. Pricing the shirts.

I was wondering what is a standard low, medium and high markup for screenprinting 100% cotton for the following. No screen fees

1 Color Job
2 Color Job
3 Color Job
4 Color Job
5 Color Job
6 Color Job

What factors play into why you can charge more then other print shops. My thoughts would be to offer the following
1)Premium services.
-Some sort of guarantee
-Reps that are willing to come to the customer and aid them in their shirt decisions
-Positive reputation

What is the low, medium and high pricing for fixing artwork. Is there such a thing as pricing for creation of artwork?

Do you ever price higher for jobs that require more screen printing knowledge. Example, a simple 4 color corporate logo job (i believe spot coloring is what it's called) compared to a 4 color SIM process job. Perhaps the cost is in the preparation of the artwork.

What are low, medium and high costs for screen fees.

Thanks in advance all
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