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Hello everyone...not sure if I'm in the right place but here goes...I just recently started working with vinyl. I normally do rhinestone shirts, so I'm pretty set with pricing on that end. My question is what should I price this design at?? My client wants between 30 to 40 shirts for her summer camp. It's going to be all vinyl on Gildan reg t-shirts. What price would you quote to this client per shirt. I understand the market is different in all areas I just wanted to get a round about figure.


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The going rate, if that's what you're asking, is $12-$15 per shirt.

But you really need to look at how much vinyl you'll be using, how long it will take to weed and press, plus your markup.

I know I would never do a 6 color vinyl job. Way too labor intensive. I would use plastisol transfers instead.
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On any printing job you might want to figure out how much its going to cost you to produce a finished product. then once you figure that price then, you can figure your wholesale and retail price. whether its double or triple your manufacture price. Anyway food for thought. good luck
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I have been thinking about the labor. That's what I'm concerned about. I'm waiting on transfer express to give me a quote on this to see if I'll come out better. I created a nice design, but I don't want to sit there and keep pressing piece by piece on 30-40 shirts.
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