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Does anyone have info regarding all-over print pricing?
We have been in the business 20 years but have not produced all-over prints to this point.

We now have the equipment and a ready and willing customer who needs quotes for multiple all-over prints from 1 color to 3 color.

I am doing my homework here, please help if you can.


Screen making and set-up costs?

Film cost?

1 color cost?

Additional color(s) cost?

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So far, in my research into getting t-shirts "all over" printed, it seems to be an expensive process.

The minimums I've seen usually are around 300 pieces, but a few do as low as 100 pieces.

setup fees have been around $100 per color.

It seems like your pricing should be based on your costs though. As other people probably have different overhead costs, different labor costs, etc.
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