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Hi all,

As DIY DTG users we have an advantage on pricing. Our printing equipment is CHEAP!!!

So how should we take advantage of that responsibly?

My approach was to attack it from a cost perspective. Know your cost, and never settle for less than that... ever.

So I split up our costs into actions that we take when printing a T-Shirt.

1. Shirt cost (self explanatory of course)
2. Printer cost - $1 (this is flat per shirt.)
3. Pretreat Cost - $2 (this is intentionally high as it pays the person running the printer)
4. Full Size Pass - $2 (this is to represent the pass through the printer to put ink down.)

So here's how this is put together:

Once - Shirt, Printer, pretreat = Shirt plus $3
Covers maintenance, cost of the printer is absorbed in 2000 prints, which is short. Covers the person printing (my daughter) so that's her "salary"...

The printer I got was around $2000. If it will hold together 2000 prints? It's paid for...

Per pass - We charge based on design per pass. EX on black, full page on back, 1/4 page on front...
Pass 1 - Back lays down white... $2
Pass 2 - Back lays down color... $2
Pass 3 - Front 1/4 - $0.50 - White...
Pass 4 - Front 1/4 - $0.50 - Color...

So for a Gildan tee at $3 you get a COST of:

Then printing:
$6+$2+2(full back)+$0.50+$0.50=$11.00

So for double sided, colored shirt, we bottom out at $11 each.
We start at simply "double" - $22.00
And "discount 5, 10, 20, 30 percent" based on repeat business, qty, etc.

If any of you guys know, tell me if I'm way off.

Caveat - Pretreat is not free... but it's about $0.50 and color ink is lower than the $2 pass. (About $1.10 or so) So the color pass covers the pretreat. The pretreat cost covers whoever prints the shirt.
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