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Pricing 250 koozie print job, 1-color ink?

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Hey guys,
I found a couple really old threads (way old and out of date...) for pricing koozie print jobs.

What would be a good quote for 250 light colored koozies with 1-color ink? They're the foldable kind, easy to print. Would I charge my normal single color rate per item ($3.50), or would it be more like $1.00-$1.50 per item? Koozies are about $.80 each.

I've never printed koozies before. Can I flash them to cure? I don't have a belt dryer yet.

I can set up 6 to print flat on my pallet at a time, yes? I saw a video of a guy printing them this way. Alternately, i can order a pocket pallet for my Ranar, but if I can spare the $ right now, that'd be awesome.

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You can probably use or make a Koozie Pallet pretty simple. Use a Jigsaw. I bought a Pocket/koozie platen from a guy on here years ago. He went out of business. It was a guy in Oregon I think.
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