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I am a new company in the world of tee shirts and printing on American Apparel shirts.

I am located in the Philadelphia Suburbs in the USA.

I am starting with 10-12 designs and using 1-2 different styles of shirts of which I plan to purchase directly from AA. I plan to print about 300-400 shirts to start with in the various designs / sizes.

Based on research it looks like DTG printing is my best option.

I have seen some prices at local companies for 100+ quantities at $3.00-$3.50 per shirt. I am not sure if that means I'd need 100+ of the same design or if that would include the different designs (?)

Can anyone give me an idea if that's a good price / what price I should expect to pay? Is there negotiation for larger quantities?

I am getting some samples done next week by two local printers. Also, since I am new, DIY printing is not something I want to explore at this time.

Appreciate the help regarding opinions and thoughts on price estimations for DTG printing for my line.
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