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Pretreatment for Lights

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Hi, Does anybody use pretreatment for white and lights? what has been the benefit? does it give a more robust color?

Thanks in advance!:)
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I think we need to clarify exactly what you mean by "lights". Some people in the industry refer to light garments as the ones that you only print CMYK inks on them (i.e. no white ink). If this is what you are asking about, then here would be the benefits of
1. Larger contrast between darker & lighter colors; which leads to an overall brighter looking designs.
2. Better washability because the light garment pretreat acts like an inkjet receptive coating.
3. Ability to print on most types of blends and 100% polyester garments.

Now, if you are referring to "lights" as light colored garments where you are still printing white ink, then the benefit of pretreating is the following:
1. Helps keep the white ink higher up on the fibers of the garment instead of absorbing into the fibers. This will also lead to brighter colors and better washability as well.

Hope this answers your question - depending on what you meant by lights.

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