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Pretreat stains after printing??

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Usually on red or orange shirts, after heat pressing, the pretreat will dry darker then the shirt color...leaving a "spray stain" from the pretreat machine. Throwing the shirt in the washer obviously removes all of the pretreat stains but as far as shipping them to a client (big clients) it's hard to tell them they all must be washed before wearing.

Does this happen with anyone else? I don't think I am using too much pretreat, it has been happening for the past two years on mostly red and orange shirts. Not until now has a client asked any questions.

please help!!:confused:
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My experience on this subject says it is two fold:
1. When printing on bright colored shirts, you have to change up your pretreating method. If you have an automatic pretreater, you can adjust the amount of fluid being applied pretty easily. I also know that some people will spray distilled water on the shirt before pretreating it. This is like diluting the pretreat fluid down. What I would recommend doing is creating a log and track some minor changes (i.e. the amount of fluid you apply, slightly shorter heat press time,...) to determine which is the optimal settings for the equipment, garments and pretreat you are using.
2. The dyes in different shirts will react differently to both the pretreat and the heat. Some shirts will distort in color by just heat pressing them while others might look a little different for a while till the shirt cools down. I have seen the same brand / model of a shirt handle pretreat different depending on the country of origin that it was made in. Basically, not all the dyes and chemicals used to make shirts are the same. Try a couple of brands and see what works best for you.

If for some reason you are not able to get it to your desired results, I have heard of some people that will take a hand-held streamer to the shirt to reduce the stain.

Hope these suggestions help you work through your challenges. Best wishes.

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I use a wagner to apply pretreat. I do get the horrible dark colored stain from the PT. (NOT the heatpress)

when this happens I typically lower me heatpress temp (around 320-330 F) and try to use as little PT as possible (standing further back helps) wiping away as much excess PT as I can with a scrap tee.

*note I have NOT mastered this so if you come across any new info please share!

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