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Pretreat Alternative that works with Brother GT 782

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I am on a search for a more cost effective pretreat solution than than what the brother supplies. It would be for a Brother GT 782 and I of course use brother inks. We just can't afford a $600.00 pretreat solution anymore.

Any help would be great. thanks
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Have You tried Image Armor. Image Armor Pretreatment for DTG inks I run two GT-782's and just tried it. I was amazed. It also works well on 50/50 blends.
We just can't afford a $600.00 pretreat solution anymore.
Where are you located? In the USA, Brother sells a smaller size (4 kg bottle instead of the 16 kg pail) for less than $170.00 last time I saw it. Not sure if this same size is sold worldwide.

Just another suggestion.

why is that image armor has pretreat for light and dark garments, but the brother solution does not offer that?
We have formulated each LIGHT and DARK for specific purposes.

DARK is for the mid-dark to black shirts. The LIGHT is for mid-light to white. The LIGHT formula helps increase washability and reduces scorching. It also works incredibly well with 100% white polyester.

it is a targeting to resolve different issues with different colors. That's why we have two different types.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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