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Pressing vinyl numbers on poly sports jerseys

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Hello all,
I'm about to press some numbers on a poly baseball jersey.Im going to use easy weed, I've read about dye migration but the vinly is black so I don't think ill have much of a problem.
My concern is with the press leaving a "box" on the shirt. I've read on the sublimation pages to rip a printed transfer with jagged edges to lessen the "box " effect. How would you do this with vinyl? Will I get that "box " where the carrier paper was ? should I use a pillow ? or a piece of foam a little smaller that the transfer ?
Any input would be greatly appreciated
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We do several names and numbers on sports jerseys weekly using hotmark70. Have never had a problem with the "box".
Hotmark 70? is that a type of vinyl?
Just finished 244 football jersey's Use the platen to separate the back from the front. vinyl down on jersey press 12 seconds at 310 degrees no box.
Hotmark 70? is that a type of vinyl?
Yes, it comes from Sign Warehouse. We have been using it for several yrs. with good results. Best of luck:D
For jerseys you don't have to worry about a box.
Great! Thanks all for the advise
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