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"Pressing" Price alone

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I am a DTG printer and designer. I sometimes press transfers I have been getting from F&M or transfer express. Regardless of my cost of the transfer, what are the going rates for the "pressing" service? I have a set-in-stone price matrix for DTG, but never really developed one for pressing heat transfers. I am now going to be working with a client who will need stuff pressed regularly but he is supplying the reflective materials he wants pressed. I am not sure what to charge him. Anyone have a price stucture on the going rates to point me to so I can compare or something?
Thanks in advance.
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I try for 30% markup on materials and then 1.00 a hit with the press....Then look at what I end up with to see if it looks right...If not, I adjust up or down as need be...Seeing how you may not be supplying materials you may have to charge 2.00+ per hit to make it worth while....
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We charge $ per press on a wholesale basis and we are not responsible for misprints.
I might have to go with the $2 per piece price for pressing. I usually end up making 3-4 dollars on a transfer job marking up shirts and transfers but I think I am willing to take a hit on that price a bit to get a client with constant work coming my way... which seems to be the case anyway.
Thanks for the replies
I charge $1.00 for pressing name and numbers, on very large orders I do it fo $.75

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I have actually never seen such a request before... These guys are pressing all over the shirt... Like one chest piece on front, another 16x20 front piece below that which wraps around the side - seam of that lower fromt design meets seam of another design pressed on the lower back, and then yet another transfer that buts up to/meets that one which extends to the upper back. So in all It is a pretty involved heat press job .. 4 presses on one shirt and 3 of them need to "meet each other" to form one design which appears to wrap the shirt.
I charge $2 per press + 50¢ per item, labor for pressing. So one image would be $2, a name from 4 individual letters would be $4, a two digit number would be $3. It's mostly a deterrent for people who bring me a pile of letters/numbers to be pressed on jerseys. Makes it cheaper for me to just cut them from vinyl.
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