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Presses for Thermo Material

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I plan on using this for thermo material only (cutting lettering out with my plotter) which press is better, the presto 15 or the swing man 15? I'm looking for 15x15 relatively inexpensive unit to start without sacrificing a whole lot of quality or leasure settings. I have never done this before but i would like to start.

Also is there a Quality Iron On Material for my Canon Inkjet Printer?

Also if any body has a suggestion of maybe a better option I am open to them. Thanks!

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I would recommend the mighty press 15". I have one of these, among others. It is light weight to move around, (65lbs) easy to use but built very well. It is a clam shell so space is not a problem. Overall a good starting press. I still use it quite often sometimes over the expensive units.
How much space is there when its wide open? Can you supply me a picture?

I am just real excited for this I just want to make sure I buy a good unit that does what I need it to do.

I'm sorry but I won't have enough time today to take a pic,. Here is a link for a picture of the press closed. Just shop around for a good price, you should be able to buy it for under $700. If you call IW ask for Mike, he should be able to help you out. If I can help let me know. Vinyl Cutters, Heat Presses & Accessories, Heat Transfer Vinyl & Screen Printing Machines - Imprintables Warehouse
How much space is there when its wide open? Can you supply me a picture?
Also is there a Quality Iron On Material for my Canon Inkjet Printer?
Definitely check out the various inkjet papers here, including Neenah Paper's Jet Pro SoftStretch and others. These papers are a much better product than an iron-on. :)
Well I purchased the Mighty Press 15 this weekend, hopefully it ships today and i have it by Wednesday, more realistically probably Thursday.

I also ordered a roll of black and a roll of white Spectra Cut II from Another website, I know someone that uses this so I figured I would give it a try.

What other options do I have for Good Opacity White and Black Thermo Cut Materials?

What are the Plastisol Transfers for?

What temperature, how long and what pressure on the Thermo Cut Films?
Congrats on the purchase. I think you made a good choice and will be happy with the press for many years.

I use Eco film, and have used thermo flex in the past. I have only 1 complaint with the Eco, sometimes it comes in shorter then 15".
Plastisol is a way you can order custom made transfers, you send the artwork to the company and they will send you transfers. It saves on weeding and cutting time. I use this for larger orders, multi colors, repeat customers etc.
Your material will come with directions, each has its own.
Awesome, one reason I purchased the Spectra Cut II also was because it came in a 19" roll for about the same price as the other brand that slips my mind at the moment for the 15" roll. Having a 30" Cutter makes it super easy to make better use of all 19".

Plastisol = Printed Dye Sub or Die Cut?

What site do you use for these?

I apologize I am just learning my way into this, kind of jumping it to it rather fast I am trying to gear up for winter so I dont die down as much.
OK, so I purchased the Mighty Press 15 and its simply just an amazing press, atleast better then I expected for a lower line press. It has not screwed up a shirt yet. (Nor have I!)

Now I have a question, one of my customers wants a printed graphic on a Black Shirt, Can somebody, anybody give me a little advice on this sort of thing. Where to buy them preprinted, what kind to buy and anything else anybody can think of. I atleast need a few to get started.


Charlie, I'm so glad you like the press. I wish I could help you with the printing part. We only do the cadcut heat press, or plastisol. You may want to ask the same question in another forum.
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