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Press Maintenance

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The only press I have ever bought new was a silver press as a back up. I purchased a 2006 M&R sidewinder a few years back. They press was covered with adhesive and lint. 3 weeks ago a micro knob broke(was cracked when I bought). I decided to look over the press and noticed that the slide plates for the micros was sticking out the edges so they had to be broke. There was also a small amount of lash but never bothered me. I called M&R ordered new parts and there tech support gave me some guidance. I replaced the knob and slide plates, removed the entire micro end and head. Cleaned every part and lubed with white litheom grease including the slide plates as recommended by M&R. I pre loaded the miro bolts with a small amout of torque then backed off and tightened till it just touched and no resistance on the micros then put the rest of the micro tightening assembly back together.

I was impressed with this press but now it's unbelievable. No lash when loosening or tightening the micros they adjust easily without any skipping. Setups are very quick and accurate. I make sure no adhesive gets around the micros, not sure how the previous owner got it up that high. Maintenance is key.
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Edit: Luckily the spam and eggs has been removed.

Good investment of time, Sben--I keep saying a little cleaning and adjustment will take the jump out of clamping down micros, but it doesn't seem like many people take the time to try it. Even a non-micro old school Hopkins will benefit from a 'plate cleaning'.
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