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Pre-sensitized Emulsion Question

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I currently use dual cure emulsion however my emulsion goes bad or is less then ideally before I finish it. I'm a small volume shop as I often subcontract out my bigger orders. However I do have a need to screen print certain jobs.

I've thought about using pre-sensitized emulsions such as Ulano due to long shelf life but heard they is a small range on emulsion times. With my dual cure I don't have to be exact so I'm wonder if their are any pre-sensitized emulsionsthat offer similar flexibility when exposing.

I use a 6 bulb UV flourescent bulb system with timer to expose. I just don't want to deal with bad screens if my exposure is off tens seconds.

Any suggestions especially from Ulano users.
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With proper films, and good emulsion like Saati Chem PHU, or Murakami HPV the second I've never used but there was a post on another form where a guy exposed it 12 min with 1000w metal halide unit and still washed out fine. I have accidentally exposed the Saati chem 8-9 min where 1 min is the correct exposure and mine had halftones and washed out fine.

With your exposure unit undercutting would be the issue if you were off by a min or so. Otherwise the latitude on some photopolymer is a lot longer then most will tell you. If you had a single point exposure unit the latitude can be wider then a few min.
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Great info to know sben. To continue the question regarding Ulano specific products does anyone have any input on their experiences with QTX vs QX1.

I know everyone has their preferences but my vendor has CCI or Ulano products. I tend to support my vendors once they provide me with superior service thus looking at Ulano but also still open to others
TextulPV is my only emulsion of choice. I love everything about it even the shelf life. I do believe that if you post expose in the sun it is waterproof and it can be used to print water based inks without issue.

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By under cutting you are talking about under exposing the screen correct?
No under cutting happens from from multi point exposure units. The long a over exposure the worse it gets. It under cuts the film causing irregular lines on spot process or smaller/ irregular halftone dots on halftone/simulated prints. The halftone can be a good thing. When I used the unfiltered black light I never used any dot gain compensation and had no issues. When I switched to a single point (1000w metal halide) I had to compensate for printer dot gain and on press dot gain.

I'll see if I can find the thread I posted a image of multi point vs single point. Its easier to understand how this happens.
I'll second Saati Textil PV as an excellent no-mix, fast emulsion. Cheaper than QTX, too.
Between QTX and QX-1, I'd take QX-1. It's less expensive, and I rarely had trouble with it in reclaim, since it has solvent resistance. I used it when I was doing coroplast signs and shirts to whittle it down to one all-purpose emulsion. I don't remember the exposure window on it being particularly narrow.
I currently use Saati Grafic HU-42. It's a dual-cure and needs mixing, but it claims a shelf life of 60 - 90 days after mixing if kept sealed and out of the heat. It also claims some water resistance with full exposure. I've gone past 60 days without issue. I buy quarts so there's no waste. It also reclaims without any snotty, gummy balls of emulsion that others sometimes have when scrubbing the reclaiming chemistry onto the screen.
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