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whats the average price for 100, 1 color printed shirt labels??? and 100, 1 color printed woven labels usually cost???

we manufacture woven labels not printed but let me know what you get quoted and if i can match i can give you the same in woven and get them to you within a week from approval.
we supply to golden finishes in the UK.

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Re: anyone know a website/company where I can get custom woven tags?

Does anyone know a website/company where I can get custom woven tags?

thank you,

email me your logo and we'll quote you.
need size and background colour of label.
sample in 1 working day and delivery in one week from approval.
[email protected]

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Re: Labels with NO MINIMUMS!!!

Here's a quote:

2. woven label - for sure higher end, but not as easy on the pocket
book on lower quantities
100 @$300
500 @$ 350
1000 @ $375
2500 @ $425
5000 @$ 550
Delivery - 2 weeks

Hope this helps some of you.

guys, dont get fooled with no minimum.
Im a label manufacturer myself.

I can offer no minimum...as follows:

50 labels - $100.00
100 labels - $100.00
500 labels - $175.00
etc etc...

i hope it makes sense....its not about minimum labels, its about how many you really need and what you are going to end up spending.

we always advice out clients what qty would be the perfect price match where neither the client or myself is a looser.

am sure with 100 labels they have forgotten to quote you the one time design charge or they'll probably tell you when you place the order because otherwise for a US based company it really isnt worth it unless ya if they are charging you $300 for 100 labels where they obviosly have taken into account the design charge.

I think its a wrong way to give prices because the design charge is only a one off so nect time you do 100 labels you actually shouldnt be paying $300.00.

We would charge a design fee for small quantities and the fee would vary on how complex the design is.... and for big quantities we waive the design charge which makes sense.

Just like in embroidery or printing where you'd waive off the design making charges if you get a good volume order.

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Re: Whats the average price???

We decided to go with lucky label, is this a good choice??? They are very very cheap...
not sure of them but if you're not happy with their quality then let me know on your next order...
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