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POW MIA clipart needed

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Does anyone out there have the link for the free military clipart ... or POW MIA clipart that is at least big enough to print on a tshirt?
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www.brandsoftheworld and search pow-mia several come up already in vector
Thanks a lot for the info. I think it is kinda funny how one website has the clipart as free and then another tries to claim it as protected copyright. Well ... thanks again you guys and keep on printing and making a good living!
Good luck to you... you confused me with the keep on printing and making a good living... are they the same?
Smiling DLAC
Good point. I have been printing my own shirts for 10 years now. I have good paid for equipment and a great list of customers. I will confess I am doing well now but the first three or four years were pretty hard because I had to learn so much. If anything I was writing an encouraging statement because it takes alot of hard determined work to make it to a full time living status.
This guy has posted 4 times in 4 years and now we know why...LOL
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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