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Post image?

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I cant seem to find the button to post an image for some questions I have..

Thanks for some help ...:confused:
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Click on the Manage Attachments button further down the screen. If you're replying to a post that was already made, do not use the "Quick Reply" at the bottom, instead either click the "Go Advanced" button at the bottom, or click on the Reply next to one of the posts.
Yeah, I see the link for the tutorial , and read it.

Problem is, nowhere in the "additional options"
or anywhere else for that matter, do I have a "Manage attachments" option...

Is it disabled cause I am a new poster?

I was gonna use dropbox and just link it, but most forums have an option for images....not sure why its not an option for me....

It could've been disabled for new posters at some point, unfortunately I do not know about such policies. I know a few years back there was some issues with jpeg's containing exploitable code and such in them, so might've been disabled around that time to prevent bots/skiddies from posting it and harming users.

You may try the Tech Support section and see if any mods/admins respond there if they do not hit up this thread. You may also want to try just posting again on another forum and seeing if it opened up since you now have an active post count.
This issue has been fixed or has resolved itself.
Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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