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Ok I have a website that I started that is complete but I have not time at all to add content or market it yet. It is live and has a few items on the site bi got not sales yet. Like I said l have not time for it. It is basically selling shirts that I make from transfer from pro world or arts brand whoever has the best deal. I was going to sell it as a whole and be done but if I can make a little off it then I would be happy. This is where a partner could come in. All the leg work has been done all that is needed is add content and maybe male some shirts and send them out as well. Just thought of doing this so it may be a little unclear. Please let me if your interested I am not even asking for any cash I will give you a percentage of the company. Let me know. Or if anyone would make me an offer to buy the site from me that might be possible as well.
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