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PORTLANDERS! I have found wholesale t-shirts! portland, OR

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But... They're in Woodburn... at GenX... I know! I know! It's a good 30-40 mins away (20 for me) but it is so worth it. They have every color, every style and sizes up to 4x (I forgot to look for 5x).

They r great quality shirts too! And pants and hats and other cool stuff!

White shirts r $2
In any color:
S-XL $3
2XL $4
3XL $5
4XL $6? ...I forget. Sorry!

But, for people like me, this is awesome. I can go and actually look at the shirts and physically touch them and inspect them.

Plus, I don't have to pay or wait for shipping!


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That's not the Gen X in Portland, but the one down past Canby by the outlet malls?
Yeah! I forgot there's one in Portland too!

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Wonder if the Portland one has them? Is the one in Woodburn a regular store or an outlet?
All the stores r the same! :D

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NICE. Thanks! Portland is a lot closer to Vancouver than Woodburn. :)
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