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Portland Oregon - NeoFlex Fulfillment???

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Hi NeoFamily...I was contacted by an individual who wants to join our awesome family but needs some more time before pulling the trigger. Is there a family member located in the Portland Oregon area that would like to help provide some printing services until they are ready? Please send me a message and I will happily fwd the information on.

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We are outside of Portland and just started and would love to help but we are unable to get assistance with a question we have. We were set up Monday, I went to do a nozzle check and the printer is stating to change the paper style. I don't have anything in my notes. It's not in the presentation. We are at a stand still. If you could help us we could possibly help them.
Debbie..give me a call in an hour and I will be happy to see if I can help resolve your issue. I'm at lunch right now and not in front of the printer to verify things. 317-946-3581
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