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This is for anyone who is looking for a start up supplier of screen printing equipment and supplies, to anyone who is just considering changing their supplier.
I would just like to share my experience in the hope of preventing anyone else feeling as annoyed and deflated as i do :)
To be brief, I was looking to begin a small printing operation using affordable, beginers screen printing equipment and after searching for days for a supplier of a startup kit within europe so as to save on delivery I stumbled upon Wicked Printing Supplies.
I found what looked like a fairly inclusive kit that was affordable and suitable for me, so I emailed to check delivery prices and turnaround time. I was emailed the same day to say I could have it within two weeks so I purchased it immediately.
3 weeks later no delivery, 4 weeks later and several unanswered emails no delivery, six weeks later 3 quarters delivered still no email response and missing enough components that I couldnt begin printing. 7 weeks got answer to email about missing stuff (no excuses). Would receive missing equipment in 3 days. Week 9 and a half still not received. :mad:
From searching forums etc I have found this is quite normal for this mock company.
So just a warning to anyone starting these people will probably finish you and not to be fooled by a quick friendly first response as this turns to absolute contempt when they receive your money.
Hope this is of some help to someone.
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