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Pony Xpress/Flash/AWT Vacuum Unit

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This is a Brown Manufacturing Pony Xpress printer conveyor dryer combo. The conveyor dryer has been upgraded to the air model. It is less than two years old. It retails for $5,000 + extra for air upgrade. The air upgrade means it has two fans to circulate the air better underneath the elements.

It has two stations and four print heads. I have four platens for it. 1 small, 1 medium, and 2 large. The small and the medium ones are on it in the picture.

The conveyor dryer is hands down the best entry level conveyor dryer on the market. All the other ones in the same price range are 4 feet with one heat element. This is 6 feet with two heat elements. It has two cords and requires two outlets on two different fuses. The dryer retails for $2,400 by itself.

The heating elements still have over a year left on the warranty.

The press is upgraded to 4 stations and 6 print heads. You can buy extra stations and print heads from Brown. They are based in Michigan and attend all the major trade shows.

I also have a Lawson $400 entry flash unit, less than two years old. An AWT vacuum exposure unit manufactured in 2002. The AWT works awesome. I use the red Lawson no-mix emulsion. I used screens from 110-180 mesh at 2 min to 2.25 min and it was fool proof.

I'm selling this stuff for $2,850. Must be picked up in Charleston, SC.

You can call me toll free at 866-798-2803.

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