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Pond Liner not stretching enough on exposure unit

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I replaced neoprene on vacuum exposure unit with Pond Liner. The pond liner is not stretching much at all. I checked & the vacuum pump is working. I read that the pond liner needs more slack. Maybe I didn't give enough slack. Just how much slack does the pond liner need compared to the neoprene. Can someone snap a picture or describe how loose the pond liner.

Are there different types of pond liner sold at Lowes. This was their $40.00 product.

My exposure unit is Nuarc model First Light. My pump is a Gast. It is sucking air just fine. The pump came with this Nuarc model when I bought it used.
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I use marine vinyl from joann fabrics. It works great and was only about 10 bucks a yard. The more you use it the more it forms to the screen also. It's nowhere near as stretchy as neoprene so you need slack in it also but if your doing it on the cheap it's a great option.
I also bought some stuff from JoAnns it looks like neoprem or wetsuit stuff
works good for me
The pond liner needs quite a bit of slack. I don't have the pond liner no more I replaced with the wet suit material listed on the shirt board forum. It was $80 but enough to replace twice.
This is a picture of the one I made that used a small Gast vacuum pump I picked up at a salvage place. I got the pond liner from Home Depot. The liner won't conform to the frame like wetsuit material will, but it would pull the mesh down into intimate contact with the film and glass. I don't know if this photo shows how much slack I've really got in it.


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Thanks for all the advice and the idea to pick up fabric at Joann's. I am going to try the pond liner once more as the original quantity of the pond liner purchased from Lowes left me enough to try it again. Not sure how much slack to give the pond liner.
If it doesn't work I think I will justgo for the neoprene because I will be too frustrated with the pond liner project have gone bad to risk buying any other product wrong.
Thanks again for the help & advice.
One other thing. Are you sure you're getting maximum pull-down with a good seal around the blanket frame?
I am not positive about my seal. I reglued the gasket with super glue. I would have preferred epoxy glue but went with the super glue as it was all I had at the time.

I tried again laying the pond liner down again but I didn't screw it down there were wrinkles. I am sure wrinkles would be bad. Do you put anything inside of the frame like wood to build up the inner portion of the frame to be able to get slack without wrinkles. I put some wood inside to make it an even surface
but I don't think I have it right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Mine is just a simple frame -- something like 2x2 wood. Some self-adhesive weatherstripping along the bottom where it meets the glass. Here's a picture of the inside corner:


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Thanks for showing me the hole you drilled in the corner of your unit. My unit has a tire valve that screws on and goes through the fabric not the frame. I have it apart now so I can't take a photo.
I used the marine vinyl from joanne's fabrics. Got it with coupon for $10.00.
Burned one screen with marine vinyl so far & it worked. Marine vinyl is not nearly as stretchy and does not pull well into the corners. I am hoping it gets stretchier as I use it.

When screwing fabric down I stacked three screens inside to create what I hope was enough slack.

Will order the real neoprene but the marine vinyl will work on the cheap till the I get the 3mm foam backed neoprene. (@$80.00)

Thanks again for the advice!
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