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polyester prep spray

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I am getting back to sublimation after 7 year absent due to screenprinting and i remember that there were "prep sprays" that can be applied onto 50/50 light tshirts but the brightness weren't too good or washibility wasn't either compare to soft link tees.. So my questions are:

1. Do any of you sublimators use polyester prep spray instead of purchasing soft links which are quite pricey. I saw a prep spray on ebay here Poly-TC Dye Sublimation Ink Prep Polyester T-shirt -gal - eBay (item 130399366387 end time Jul-10-10 06:36:03 PDT) (im not affiliated) and the lady mentioned that there were no waxy/hard feelings and can't hardly tell there is coating. and also mentioned it lasts long as the tshirt...

2. I know the vibrancy will not be as soft link but the ebay link i mentioned had a comparison and seems not that bad. However will it last as long as the tshirt as mentioned by the seller?

3. Are there any other prep sprays you guys recommend?

4. Or should i just go with soft link and pay the extra 3 dollars per tee and will save me prepping each tshirt too..

But thought of other light color tees seems pretty good and not stuck with just white.. maybe i should just do both..
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I have not had any success with prep sprays.
I do have a good number of horror story emails about prep sprays.
I keep an open mind looking for something that really works.
I have tried them all, and I can honestly say I wasted my money! If you want the washed out vintage look then go for it but for colors that pop, I have yet to find a spray that can give me that.
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