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Polo Shirts for Sublimation - NOT White

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I've just been reading about the Columbia Omni-Shade Polo shirts .. they are 100% Poly .. and come in some colors other than white - but the cost is incredible .. as in $30/ea (give or take a dollar or two). Has anybody found a source for polos in colors (Vapor's basic T comes in a nice array of colors - why not the polos??) and a more reasonable cost?
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why don't they have them...first guess is maybe the market has not grown enough to warrant the expense to make...maybe in time
thanks for the info - now all I have to do is wait 3 days for them to accept registration to their site in order to see pricing ... unbelievably long in this day and age!
i know it's a pain on the registration process..but the polos go for $12...good stuff
i know it's a pain on the registration process..but the polos go for $12...good stuff
Get out!!! Really? Only $12?? Wow, will I have a bunch of happy clients! So tell me, clearly you've used their products - how did you find them? Do they take sublimation as well as the Vapor Apparel products? Are there any tricks/tips we need to know before using the polos? As in, preheat time, dwell time, etc.?
I don't quite understand how I didn't come upon these folks after all the searches I've done, but hey - better late than never. Thanks so much for the info!!! Reka
hey there Defiant...i stumbled on the web site about a month ago and was shocked at the variety...i ordered some of the shirts and they worked out great...just like working with the vapor micro..( vapor foam etc).they sent me swatches i asked for and are very pleasent to work with.the prices are great.the product is great..i just don't know why they don't blog more..or advertise..anyhow word of mouth will
keep them busy and put a fire under vapor to follow suit with a bigger variety..good luck with
the polos...........................chuck
I'll look into it; thanks! I must admit, however, Vapor has been very easy to work with. if only they had some decent distributors who actually stock the stuff.
Hey Denali - have you tried Conde? We order our Vapor shirts from their Mobile AL location (headquarters), but I've just read they also have a West Coast distribution center out in CA, to shorten the shipping time (and lower costs as well). There have only been a couple of times over the last 2 years that they did not have shirts in stock - they stock a good variety of colors & sizes.
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