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Point of Sales problem

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Hi, I've been in the screenprinting business for three years and I am now close to bankrupcy becuase I don't have any point of sales/service for my company du to fiancial problems. I started this business on my own, brough all the equipement myself, moved out of my mother's into my own appartement where I'm running my shop. I then associated myself with a partner who graduated in business marketing but it didn't work, we weren't clicking.

A year after I started running my shop from my own appartment, sales are still slow. 90% of my sales are coming from customer order. I do everything myself and it kind of makes it hard to follow through everything. I would hire staff but no $$ to pay employees.

I don't have the funds to run a marketing/publicity campain. I started making some good money but my revenues are not stable. Especially now that the summer season is over, I havn't had an order ever since August.

how do you approach a sale rep with no $$, pay per comission only. What do you guys think about renting a comercial space in a retail store in order to pay the rent by giving the retailer a certain comission on all my sales?

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Hi Andrew, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

I posted some info in your other thread:
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