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Point me in the right direction...

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I've been screen printing, doing vinyl work (signs and garments), and doing heat transfers for about 3 years now. I want to learn about Dye Sublimation. What are some good resources out there? Where to buy equipment? What about wholesale accounts for blank products (yes, I have a tax id)?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Good places to start are dyesub.org and Dye Sublimation - T-Shirt Forums
In dye-sub section here on the forums you will find a few threads discussing equipment and blanks.
Good luck!
Alpha Supply has some good info on the process. Big Bear on here I think.
The DSSI (dyesub.org) is good for info also. Alot of guys that started when dye sub was in its infancy and articles tho many are outdated but still give the jist of it all.

For desktop printers Ricoh is the printer of choice right now it seems, tho Epson is still in the game.
For wide format Epson and Mutoh and the Rolands seem to be the top dogs in my readings on them.

Conde,Johnson Plastics, Coastalbusiness, Paramount, are good names for substrates and the printer(s) and inks.

Ink is Sawgrass and in the desktop printer market the only one you can use so that cost is pretty much the same across the board.

I have found tho that probably unlike screen printing (only guessing cuz I haven't screened printed shirts before) that a job done today many times will not be a complete match when done at a later date. That could just be me but seems that if I do some shirts on one day and next week or months later add more the colors are off somewhat. Could be me tho.

Good Luck
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Thanks for the tips! I've dealt with Coastal before. I may give them a call and see what they recommend. I have an Epson 1400 that I use to print my positives for screen printing, and I've done some heat transfers with JPSS paper on the same 1400. I was thinking about picking up another 1400 to convert for dye sublimation.
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