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Pocket Tee's

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Hello, i am trying to get a black tee with a tie dye pocket and a womens fit vneck, also with the pocket tie dyed. I have no idea where to find this or where to go to make it. I would love and suggestions or help, thanks.
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You may have to 'Cut and Sew' that one..get the blk tees and get the tye die fabric and do it urself.
He is so right.. I had a sewing operation in the Georgia Mountains back in the 90's and we made Pocket tees.. any color pocket can be sewn on any color tee? Advertise on here for a sewer and see if you get any hits.. Putting the pockets on properly is harder than just sewing one on.. You may find local seamstress type person that would take it on?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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