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Pocket Jig - Printing On, not above

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Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone has some good pointers on how to print on a t-shirts pocket... Anyone have a picture or plans for a jig?

I've printed successfully above and usually recommend to clients to go above, i personally think it looks better... however, this one client insists on the pocket.

hey, i love challenges...

Thanks all.
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Do you have a manuel or automatic press? We sell pocket platens for both.
Here's what we do, we cut a cardboard jig the size of the pocket and tape it to the platten, use this jig to line up the pocket when loading the shirt, then use a spray adhesive ( just a tad) and spray inside the pocket to keep it down. Really only use a very small amount. Then you'll need to adjust your off contact to compensate for the cardboard jig. And your ready to print.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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